Wednesday, September 15, 2010

San Francisco [[Day 1.]]

Today (mind you it's still only 10:30am) has been the perfect, worst day ever. Okay not ever, but I'm feeling a tad bit dramatic from the overload of emotions that are racing through my body.  Just to highlight this day starting at one am, I've had a blow out on the freeway, my car battery died, I've had three hours of sleep, which I enjoyed in back seat of my car, and my driver door lock got stuck in the 'locked' position.  Not to mention the doubts I have about my Isuzu making it to Chicago, this homesick feeling for LA, and the rapid dwindling of funds in my bank account.  I would be lying if I didn't admit to wondering if, this was such a good idea.  BUT, despite all these little punches, I am too amazed by San Francisco to really let it get to me.  I am in love with the eccentric yet elegant town homes knit closely together, each accompanied with it's own steep stairway that leads to unique front door.  I could definitely live here, in Noe Valley to be exact.  Mostly because there is a line of cute coffee shops, dark bars, cozy restaurants and a Whole Foods surrounded by ridiculously cute homes.  Okay, who wants to find an apt with me?

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