Saturday, July 23, 2011

the biz cards.

I'm so excited about the new business cards I designed! Not only are they a source of information, but they are functional and have been made from recycled materials!  Whachaya think?  Want me to design & make cool unconventional business cards for you too?? Email me :) I'll hook it up!

Friday, July 22, 2011

the working space.

this is.. my desk & design/work station #1 in my studio..
My project of the day..
The back is a little sloppy form some old double stick tape.
 And this what happens when the nails you have on hand are too long for the job.  A little ghetto, but it works.
The front.
and.. TUH DAH!
Finally, a place to hang all my extra chain so I can SEE it. 

Then there is work space #2...
 And work space #3. Its a litttttle chaotic, I know.  I'm constantly picking up after my crazy self, and clearly haven't made it this way yet.
And here's a bunch of random shots :)

 I'm always jotting down random thoughts about my business motto, and well, life in general.


(if you wanna buy some jewelry, go to!

xo Natasha
Recognize this commercial?  It was the one that played before the original TMNT movie on VHS - which I still own by the way.  My cardboard case had raised letters and I thought it was so cool.  Unfortunately TMNT #2 and 3 kinda sucked.  I was a little upset when I bought the box set on DVD and realized they were kind of failures.  Anyway, I was incredibly excited to find this on YouTube and wanted to share.  They don't make commercials like they used to.  I have to admit sometimes I love watching old movies taped on VHS from TV just for the commercials.

Okay I have to hit the sack, so I can rise and shine in 6 hours!!

Natasha xx
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