Sunday, November 21, 2010

i believe in believing..

..the things that we don't see. [passion pit] better things.

Once in a while I actually know the real lyrics in a song.  But here's a confession.  If I want to have the ability to sing an entire song, I must look up the lyrics online then proceed to sing along to the song at least ten times over until I can remember all of the words.  We all have disabilities, it's okay, you can laugh.

So tomorrow marks the day I get serious with life again.  I hate when I get lazy and go easy on myself.   Like crappy eating habits, procrastination, staying up way to late, letting myself have things I don't need, etc.  I have a few new serious goals and ambitions in the works so it time to get it in gear.  I love motivated individuals.  They are my life source.  I have a few circulating in my life right now and I can't wait to collaborate with them.

Okay, thats all.  I have to sleep now.  I just wanted to let the world know that as of tomorrow I am back in the drivers seat.  So hold on to your pants, because probably I was a Nascar driver in a past life.  And there is that tendency I have of cutting things very close

.Umm. [ps] today was amazing. gotta love doing what you love with good people.



Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Garage Gypsy :: Material Things.m4v

Here's a little photo montage I through together featuring none other than, Garage Gypsy. You can buy the pieces shown online on ETSY. Or if you live in Los Angeles you can stop in GLOW on Melrose or REHAB on Beverly Blvd. Thanks for watching, help me promote by telling your friends, sharing on facebook or twitter. xo.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

talk VS walk

Some people talk and some people walk.

I am constantly amazed at how many people in this world are simply air.  Just air.  Of course it's not brain surgery, if one is busy gabbing about their great ideas then chances are they are not spending much time acting on their words.  Still, I fall believer almost every time.  Its just not in my DNA to talk about things that I don't see happening.  More often than not, I won't even talk about it just so not to jinx it.  And honestly I would feel like such a flake.  I rather just prove myself, and let everyone else do the talking. Although I will admit, this doesn't not apply to my recent moving stunts.  Which really, falls under a completely different category anyway.  It just makes me sad to see these people with great thoughts and potential go to waste.  Don't they understand the satisfaction of an accomplishment?  I don't know, I just see this so often I had to write about it.  If your one of these people, please, stop being lame, just focus and get to work.  If you impress people with your ideas, imagine how amazing it would be in reality.

And all you have to say is...
You'll see.

my obsessions slash inspirations

Saturday, November 6, 2010

check. check.

I love crossing major goals off the to do list.


sell Isuzu.

find a clothing company to share my showroom with.

find apartment between La Brea and Fairfax, between Santa Monica and Beverly

find some freelance work.  but always looking for more..

find a job at a clothing shop.

get jewelry in more showrooms and stores. [in progress]

get my mc crackn jackson out here.

fly to chicago, so I can rescue my Celica and get my things.

I think that about does if for the moment.

More of the TEE COLLECTION from Garage Gypsy

Life on Edge.

I've strayed, yet again, from my blog.  Life has been a little crazy.  I just watched Dirty Dancing the other night (its my ultimate go-to movie) and for the first time in my life I could related to Johnny's lifestyle when he said:
You don't understand the way it is
for somebody like me.
Last month I'm eating candy
to stay alive.
This month, women are stuffing
diamonds in my pockets.
I'm balancing on shit
and I can be down there again.
My life isn't quite that extreme, but its damn close.  I've been working since I was fourteen, full time all through college, and at one point in time I was working three jobs and starting my own business at the same time.  I like life a little crazy, the pay off is so much greater then anything you good ever imagine.  There is no person and no dollar amount that can or will ever give you that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that you find you push yourself to what you once thought was the limit.  But my point, thanks to my constant employment I never had to 'worry' about money and I was able to save a little.   It was nice. But then I got tired of that.  I wanted to struggle.  It may sound rediculous, but I wanted to be in the position where I had to make a choice between dinner or a fashion magazine.  I wanted  to skim the bottom so that I could fly to the top.  I believe if you live to moderately for too long you forget how great the highs and lows can be.  And honestly if you want the best things in life you can't just coast through life, playing it safe in the slow lane.

I've decided upon a permanent status in LA. Well at least for another year or so :)

Stay tuned..there more to come about the past month and my new studio/showroom!

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