Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope everyone had a happy Christmas Day with either your friends or family! I was lucky enough to finally catch a flight out of LA and make it into Chicago in the wee early hour Christmas day! After finally making it home from the airport via my brother and his two buddies, I pulled out my presents & got to wrapping them. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out where my mom stashed the wrapping paper so I decided to draw wrapping paper on the plain boxes and gift bags. Half the fun in Christmas (in my opinion) is funny, festive presents. I always sneak the funny in when it comes to my little brother's presents (for example: giving him used iTunes giftcards, cheesy cards, wrapped boxes with no present inside, and socks {cool socks}..etc) :D

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in the moment.

Do you take the time to appreciate all the little moments in life?  There is poetry in a moment.  A feeling.  This video I just discovered does a pretty incredible job of capturing that.  If you tend to get caught up in the busy hustle and bustle of city living, don't forget to step back once and a while and enjoy the moment be it good or bad.  It's not a waste of your time I promise :)


Monday, December 19, 2011


For the last few months I've been whisked away on various productions (from short films, music videos to commercials, and shorts for Funny Or Die).  I only started styling in February of this year, and prior to that the idea of being a wardrobe stylist was simply a far off idea of "oh yeah, that'd be fun.. but I wouldn't even know where to begin" career.  I've always been very keen on knowing exactly what I want and figuring out what I have to do to get it.  And in a general sense it has seemed to work if I've wanted it bad enough.  This is probably on account that I'm somewhat stubborn, determined to do only what I want, and mostly because I know things won't come to me, so I'm not afraid to go after them myself.  
Only thing is, I never really considered being a wardrobe stylist.  I assume because I never really understood what it meant to be one, or that such job existed.  I'm not really sure to be honest.  No one's really given me any good advice on what I could do with my life - creatively speaking.  I've been drawn to film and making movies since I was eleven, when I first discovered my parents old-school video camera.  It makes me laugh thinking about how I saved almost two years worth of birthday and christmas money to buy my first Panasonic camcorder when I was in seventh grade. Or how I used to love browsing through the career book at the library in middle school and then reading about being a "producer" or "director" -not that I plan on being either of those professionally but I think it's interesting how much you figure out so early on.  
Now on the other hand, I grew up dressing dolls, and learning how to stitch and operate a sewing machine at a very young age.  My grandparents came to the US in the 50's, they weren't very wealthy so back in their day you mended your socks, and if you couldn't afford a particular outfit, you got fabric, created a pattern and made it yourself.  That was of life and attitude was passed down to me.  I don't know if thats a European thing in general, or just being old-fashioned.  Anyway, I guess my point there is that it's just in my blood to stitch, be creative, and make things.  In high school I developed my love for fashion.  I was definitely one of the few, due growing up in the mid-west surrounded by cornfields where most of my classmates were content in wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a sweatshirt and jeans.
Why I never considered combining my two passions together (even through film school) is beyond me, but it doesn't matter because I've figured it out and I'm doing it now.  AND I love it more than anything in the whole world :D the end.  <-- I didn't mean to write that much, I only wanted to have an opening sentence to all the pictures I'm posting for the short film I styled on back in Oct and one of the music videos I produced and styled in early Nov.  Sometimes when I start typing, I just get off on all these little tangents. Anyway..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

writer's block.

So looking back at my more recent posts, I've realized I've been writing significantly less and cheating by filling the voids with photos and videos.  Which on one hand, I prefer simply because its easier and I am just an extremely visual person, but on the other hand I feel that I'm also losing my opportunity to connect with you as my reader.  Although I will give you a valid excuse, claiming my hectic lifestyle and never ending list of things to do as the villain; I do believe that if I was more diligent I would be able to make the time to write.  Discipline and diligence; I'm working on it.  :)  In the meantime, if you haven't read my past posts (the ones from, like back in the day), you should, I mean if you want that is.  And here's a little video I wasted time making as an excuse to get away from making jewelry for an hour.  Yes, another video..

[xx] Natasha

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Total Getaway.

Exactly a week ago to the hour, I was packing my bag and running off to borrow a tent for a little weekend camping trip with my friends (& best travel companions) Monica and Vanessa!!  It was only a 30-hr vacation, but I have to say it was the best 30-hr escape I've had in a lonng time! Since we got back both Vanessa and I edited together our own J.T. road trip video, compiling our own video footage and photos.  It's pretty cool watching both to see the different footage!! So watch, enjoy, and then make a trip to Joshua Tree yourself :))

Clearly, we had a particular soundtrack to this road trip because Vanessa and I did NOT conspire to both use songs from Foster the People.  But I will take credit for introducing them to my latest obsession!!

One of the main purposes of this trip was to visit this place called the Integratron that Vanessa had seen featured in a documentary.  Built back over a magnetic field back in the 40's, this acoustically perfect building was scientifically designed to heal and nurture the body through sound.  Our curiosity was sparked and the little hippies inside us were psyched to explore what they refer to as a "sound bath."  I am a skeptic of many kinds, but the Integratron was super rad and after a 30-min sound bath and baby nap my friends and I emerged from the dome feeling renewed inside and out!  Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't heard about it.

Hope you have WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tim Burton Exhibit Oozes Inspiration.

Yesterday my friends ((Jen & Gilbert)) and I took a field trip to the Tim Burton exhibition at LACMA.  The exhibit is a retrospective of Burton's work, starting with his early work as teenager growing up in Burbank, spanning through his years at Disney, and up until now.  The exhibit was a creative collection of both his professional and personal works including: sketches, storybook mock ups, paintings, sculptures, stop motion films, short films, movie props, and a unique black light installation.  I mostly enjoyed his older personal sketches.  He really is a genius the way he combines these eerie sketched characters with undertones of humor.  I have to admit that prior to this I was never a huge Tim Burton fan.  I always enjoyed his work, but after seeing his exhibition I have developed a whole new enthusiastic passion for his vision and series of work.
Coincidentally, Aug 25th also happened to be Tim Burton's birthday, in which case everyone visiting the exhibit had the opportunity to wish him happy birthday on a dry erase board via photograph.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoe Makeover :: Studs & Stripes


So if a leather shoe becomes dirty, you have three options 1) clean it or get it cleaned 2) have it re-dyed or 3) make it more awesome.  I went with option numero tres.  I was so pleased with the outcome, I had to share it with you guys :)

The Process:
[1] take original shoe, and sketch up an idea

Behind the process and MORE pictures after the break!!

San Francisco, you steal my heart away.

A little photo montage to take you though my road trip to San Francisco!! Regardless of it ups and downs it was a fun trip.  And like always, a little part of my heart feels as though it was left behind in this amazing city.  Sit back, relax, LA--> SF here we come! Hope you enjoy..
I don't know that I suggest my driving style, it doesn't appear to be the safest..  :) 
Pit stop..
I'm not all that into tourist havens like Carmel.. So I made my rounds then waited at the car.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

the biz cards.

I'm so excited about the new business cards I designed! Not only are they a source of information, but they are functional and have been made from recycled materials!  Whachaya think?  Want me to design & make cool unconventional business cards for you too?? Email me :) I'll hook it up!  n@tasha-nicole.com
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