jewelry display
I got crafty tonight, and made some jewelry displays for my upcoming show this weekend.  Bear with me on the pics, as they are a little out of order bc I realized half way through I should snap a few pics with my phone.

  • 8 foot 1.5x.75" lumber cut into (4) 2ft segments
  • fiberglass screening
  • (4) wood screws at least 1.25" long
  • (8) 1" nails for added stability + (4) more for additional wood beam to hang necklaces
  • tacks
  • another piece of wood 2 ft long (mine was a scrap piece I found)
  • Hammer & Screw gun
ha, thats me :)

I was going to spray paint it but I think I like the raw, natural finish, although I may add some sort of material to the back to add contrast and depth, if I don't decide to hang it on the wall.  So what do think? Not bad for about an hour of my time and 12 bucks, right :)

& after

A fabulous find & a little elbow grease


& after
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