Friday, June 10, 2011

Check out the little photo montage I created with the photo I took on my first trip ever to New York City this past December.  It's such an amazing city.  So much so, that in a year from now I hope to be living there.  I know exactly what I want; an awesome space/loft in Brooklyn to share with a couple of really cool, artistic and ambitious people (& clean!).  Sooo...if your in...let me know :)

Feel free to comment on youtube, and follow my channel.  More fun videos will be coming :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Days and the Livings Easy..

Back from the countryside.  I spent the last ten days in my hometown for my brother's high school graduation shindig.  Usually I'm ready to get back to my Los Angeles lifestyle, but something about that damp heat in the air had me wishing my stay could last a little longer.  There is something about humidity that really makes summer feel like summer. Or maybe I was wishing my stay would last a little longer because I felt like I had time traveled back into my teenage years between hanging with my brother, his gang of friends, go cart racing,  drinking cheap vodka with OJ, and TP-ing houses under the starry night sky.  Either way, I have to admit, I think it was just what the doctor ordered.
Me and Grandma with my brother on his Grad Night.
The tres generations cooking in the kitchen..

Anyyyway.  I'm back in the city of angeles and even though I felt small tear slide down my cheek as I departed from Chicago, Sunday was a quick reminder of why I love Los Angeles :)

Here's a little look into my day.

An [8 am] chirping text from my brother pulled me from my much needed sleep, but since the kid is beyond hard to get in touch with I figured I'd call him while he wasn't busy and then get started on my day.  However, when I'm low on sleep it takes me immensely longer to jump into motivation mode.  So rather than do any real work, I went into my creative mode.  I had went thrifting with one of my best friends when I was back in IL and found this sweet jean jacket that I wanted to become a vest.  As a side note, the best thrifting (aka cheapest) is definitely in the midwest.  So anyway, I pulled this bad boy out of my suitcase, got to snipping and ripping, spent a good hour adding studs, and well, presto!
[10am] I surfed the web, its my addiction, got inspired and decided to draw while watching Food, Inc.  I only made it three quarters though the movie - it was making me depressed and nauseous, not to mention I was going to miss the farmers market if I didn't start getting ready.

[12pm] I walked to the farmer's market, filled up on samples and loaded up fresh vegetables and fruit for the week.

[2:30pm] I made a quick switch into my shorts and gym shoes, slathered on some sunscreen, grabbed my earphones and water bottle and headed to Runyon Canyon for a quick hike.
[3:30] Fourty-five minutes after arriving at Runyon, I scurried back to my apt, jumped into the shower, got ready in five fast minutes and headed out the door to meet my friend Lonnie at the Gramins Chinese theater for the XMEN movie.  And because I have this tendency to always be late I ended up running half way there, at least until I was mobbed by tourists.

[7:00] After the movie- which was great by the way, we grabbed a bite to eat at Boho and ended up running into some friends I hadn't seen in a while. All and all a good relaxing Sunday spent catching up with some of my friends and getting back to my favorite LA activities.
P.S. If you enjoy "a day in the life" posts check out V is for Olive's DAY IN THE LIFE !!

[xo] Natasha

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