Saturday, June 26, 2010

this is just effing awesome.

Where do I even begin..  This has been just one fabulous night (and I say that in the most sarcastic tone possible) because the timing just couldn't be any better.

So..let me recap tonight's events..
a) I've lost my drivers license sometime between last Tuesday and tonight.
b) My cell phone was either stolen, thrown out, or ahem stolen from the employee bathroom at my job tonight.
c) I'm coming down with a damn cold.  My throat is soar, I'm sneezy, and now my nose is running.

Life could be worse, its not the end of the world, but tell my watering eyes that.  I'm really hoping tomorrow improves.  This night just needs to end, and I have to wake up in less than 6 hours. I'll finish this story later.  Its so sucky, its almost funny.

I almost treated myself to ice cream, but decided to blog instead...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

some things never change.


So tonight I took the liberty to scan this old photo of myself that was taken when I was about four.  I have it displayed in my room because it is one of my all time favorite photos.  I'm not gonna lie, part of me likes it because I think its cute, but the truth is there is only a hand full of events you remember when your this age.  I remember this night like it was yesterday.  And that that tutu, it was from K-mart.  I'll never forget that either.  I wanted it so bad.  My parents had just enrolled me in my first ballet classes.  I remember seeing that tutu while I was sitting in the shopping cart (the basket side). The sparkly mesh caught my eye!  I don't think my mom wanted to by it (probably because it wouldn't have been appropriate for my ballet class & I'm sure she figured I wouldn't wear it).  I must have pouted and cried enough to the point where my mom caved.  My mom always says I was the most stubborn child.  In my opinion, I just new what I wanted, and did what it took to get it.  That never changed, either.  I remember the night I put this on though.  I was so excited about something, not sure what, but I had to grab/put on all my favorite things and have my mom take a picture.  I was so exited, I forgot to take off my undershirt/tank.  My mom instilled good habits into her kids at a young age, my brother and I wore undershirts everyday up until we could pick out our own outfits.  Ha! So there I am with my favorite barrette, scrunchie, baby blue heart bracelet, button necklace, egg necklace, my baby dolly and my wooden blue cat.  Possibly, I was a very strange child, but I did have style and I never stopped accessorizing.  Always a material girl.  What can I say, I grew up on Madonna, Dirty Dancing, and MC Hammer.  This is not important, but I'm pretty sure my mom was on the phone when I gave her the camera.  Anyways, point is, my love for fashion, jewelry, and pretty things has been running through my veins for a very long time.  This here proves it.  I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed reminiscing.  And Mom, when and if you read this, you have to comment!

Its funny, too, because my 'look' has changed a lot in the last five years.  I've had long hair, short hair, blond hair, black hair, blue hair, curly hair, strait hair, blah blah blah...but I've seemed to finally make a full circle.  I'm literally rocking my hair from the early 90's.  I can't stop laughing.  But I do love it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

you know you want to...

SEE IT. Okay, maybe you have no desire to fork out fourteen bucks to watch Sex and the City 2 on the big screen.  We all knew it wasn't going to be 'one of the great' movies of the year, but still, its Sex and the City.  Its four girls, one great city, and viva la fashion.  Its not one of those movies thats going to really move you or make you think, duh.  Which is why it was the perfect way to end my day that started with  a 45-min spinning class followed by running errands, and then work.  It wasn't (ahem) great, no better than the first one.  Just more attempted humor with lots of outlandish ridiculousness. They tried to add more humor, which I thought seemed forced with quite a few one-liner, almost cleaver puns from Carrie.  But it was entertaining, and I left feeling inspired from the fun, eccentric wardrobe and I don't know, girl power?!

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