Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh, lovely April.

Aside from the pesty fact that I have still not filed my taxes, April has been off to an awesome start. & I just looked at the date..gulp.. I have like a week to file. The reason why, and which makes it worse is because I've been waiting for my 1099 from one of my x-employers!! I need to start pestering, I suppose. asap.

I'm pretty proud of myself though, I've been on a super health kick and going strong. I really love the idea of eating & being super healthy. I've set high goals for myself this year, and I've raised my standards for myself. Its hard to stay disiplined, I let myself get away with a lot. Not to mention I am an 'all or nothing' type of girl. I either have the motivation and just go for it full speed ahead or I don't, in which case I go nowhere. This time I'm winning the tug-o-war with my self-control when it comes to my sweet tooth, late-night cravings, and peanut butter.

The Plan. My meals have been consisting mainly of fruit and/or vegetables, only high fiber wheat and grains, and lean protein. And lots of water, green tea and water! I don't have anything against milk, but I have been replacing it with unsweetened almond milk (which I just love). I'm sure if there is any connection, but my skin is looking its finest. I've been limiting the number of times I dine out, and if I do I make sure to go light with the rest of the days meals. Then I have a trick up my sleeve. Two words..Daily Reward. Everyday, I reward myself with something healthy (for lack or a better word) delicacy. For example, I just discovered how much I love fresh young coconut juice and fresh cane. There is a Cane Juice stand at the Farmer's Market that makes all kinds of healthy smoothies with fresh squeezed cane juice, coconuts, and various fruits & veggies. There a bit expensive, but they serve as Saturdays motivation to eat good and not late at night. Then come Sunday I get my treat. My usual rewards are Kombucha, smoothies from Ewewhon, 85% cacao dark chocolate from Traders, green tea lattes or red wine.

I usually start my mornings with a cup of green tea and an orange. Then for breakfast I've been having my Banana Flax smoothie. If my day allows it, I'll go hiking up at Runyon Canyon. If not, I jump rope, do at least 200 crunches, and 20 push-ups. My lunches have been consisting of some sort of invented salad with what's living in my fridge. Except today I'm going to indulge in the beet soup I made yesterday!! And then dinner.. it varies, but along the lines similar to my lunch. I snack on fruit in between meals, Kombucha, tea or coffee mid day, and sometimes a few nuts. Since going to the farmer's market I've also discovered how awesome and healthy goat cheese is, and oysters. &The fact that there's a super cute specimen shucking the oysters probably adds to their appeal as well. haha. :)

oh & then here I am.. playing around with my camera, like usual.

♥the little gypsy

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