Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sooo.. occasionally I get these random thoughts at random times, and for some reason just feel compelled to write them down. I just finished watching the whole 22 episode Jack & Bobby series, which I thought was phenominal, really. Between the story lines, and topics they hit on I could get enough. I love when something can really grab me at the core, make me laugh, cry, ponder in thought, and most of all, inspire me. Anyway, I guess this show got me to thinking about greatness.

So I was driving in my car, just loving Los Angeles when I grabbed a pen and had to jot this down. "I don't know where my thirst for greatness came from, but I have it. That longing. I want one of these great old, big houses and I want to have the ability to afford it. I want a successful career, and I want to be recognized for my work, possible talent, and ambition. I want to inspire others, possibly be admired, and most of all, I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE". It sounds pretty lame typing it out, but whatever, it is how I felt, and still feel.
Greatness is a concept heavily dependent on a person's perspective and biases. Whether someone or something is Great or not depends from subjective judgements of the value of one person or thing as compared to another
. ^ Jerry L. Walls (2007). "The Wizard versus The General". in Jerry L. Walls, Gregory Bassham, and Dick Vitale. Basketball and philosophy. University Press of Kentucky. pp. 129

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