Thursday, August 11, 2011

San Francisco, you steal my heart away.

A little photo montage to take you though my road trip to San Francisco!! Regardless of it ups and downs it was a fun trip.  And like always, a little part of my heart feels as though it was left behind in this amazing city.  Sit back, relax, LA--> SF here we come! Hope you enjoy..
I don't know that I suggest my driving style, it doesn't appear to be the safest..  :) 
Pit stop..
I'm not all that into tourist havens like Carmel.. So I made my rounds then waited at the car.

Whole Foods lunch is my favorite :)  Salad with grilled salmon, water and an apple..
and the tastiest quinoa-basil-tofu-cucumber-tomato salad I've ever had in my whole life!!
Monterey Bay

Getting out of the car with my cup of joe.. "hello San Francisco!"
The bathroom door at my favorite coffee shop..I really like this door, it reminds me of good slash stressful times in my life. **read about my previous adventure to San Fran & u'll understand :)
12.00am 8.5.11  Chocolate Cake Birthday Shots!!!
With many thanks to the kind bartender!
My teepee..
..I think I was impersonating a bunny rabbit..?? or a moose..??
How awesome is this laundry mat??!
Well, I was very into it due it's authentic old school vibe.
Birthday breakfast time..

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

My outfit..

I found Jack's beanstalk..

Check this guy's hair on the right.. Fresh Prince style is suhhweet.  I love people with flair!
Mimosas at Cha Cha Cha's
Shrimp Tapas, Marinated Mushrooms, and Rice & Beans

Floating in outer space!
Coming back to reality from la la land. :(

Birthday shopping.

Paint 2.
Vegan Chocolate Cake with a Walnut Glaze.. so uhmazing and I'm not even vegan.

Breakfast at Tangerine on 16th St (now my fav spot)

Bacon and Spinach Zucchini Latke with Hollandaise Sauce
The Organic Buckwheat Pancakes with fresh blueberry (aka: best pancakes in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!)
Serious excitement here!!
Henna, coffee.
Yarn extravaganza. 
I couldn't help falling in love with all the colors and textures!

The Egyptian Cotton Yarn in seafoam green looks like a dream!
My basket!
One of six incredible yarn walls.
16th St.
Walking with the fish..

SF Historic Bus
My mammy.

I love neon!
& sidewalks

Sourdough bread museum.. cool?..
Fisherman's Wharf 
Time for clam chowder!

This pad was super sweet!

Farmer's Omelet with Caramelized Onions, Maple Bacon, Roasted Potatoes, Gruyere Cheese and Chicken-Apple Sausage
Day 2 on splitting the pancakes!
Time for coffee and my book.

Suhweet colored ride.

I loved this desk!
Dog Eared Books: My Fav Book Store  :)

Unicorns are REAL!!

wait, what?!

Last day in San Fran, exploring the Mission..
And my flight back to LA  :(((((

And, well, that's it.  Thats what I've got from my four-day trip to San Fran!!

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