Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope everyone had a happy Christmas Day with either your friends or family! I was lucky enough to finally catch a flight out of LA and make it into Chicago in the wee early hour Christmas day! After finally making it home from the airport via my brother and his two buddies, I pulled out my presents & got to wrapping them. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out where my mom stashed the wrapping paper so I decided to draw wrapping paper on the plain boxes and gift bags. Half the fun in Christmas (in my opinion) is funny, festive presents. I always sneak the funny in when it comes to my little brother's presents (for example: giving him used iTunes giftcards, cheesy cards, wrapped boxes with no present inside, and socks {cool socks}..etc) :D

more photos after the break!!

awe...we're so cuuute.

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