Sunday, November 7, 2010

talk VS walk

Some people talk and some people walk.

I am constantly amazed at how many people in this world are simply air.  Just air.  Of course it's not brain surgery, if one is busy gabbing about their great ideas then chances are they are not spending much time acting on their words.  Still, I fall believer almost every time.  Its just not in my DNA to talk about things that I don't see happening.  More often than not, I won't even talk about it just so not to jinx it.  And honestly I would feel like such a flake.  I rather just prove myself, and let everyone else do the talking. Although I will admit, this doesn't not apply to my recent moving stunts.  Which really, falls under a completely different category anyway.  It just makes me sad to see these people with great thoughts and potential go to waste.  Don't they understand the satisfaction of an accomplishment?  I don't know, I just see this so often I had to write about it.  If your one of these people, please, stop being lame, just focus and get to work.  If you impress people with your ideas, imagine how amazing it would be in reality.

And all you have to say is...
You'll see.

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