Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life on Edge.

I've strayed, yet again, from my blog.  Life has been a little crazy.  I just watched Dirty Dancing the other night (its my ultimate go-to movie) and for the first time in my life I could related to Johnny's lifestyle when he said:
You don't understand the way it is
for somebody like me.
Last month I'm eating candy
to stay alive.
This month, women are stuffing
diamonds in my pockets.
I'm balancing on shit
and I can be down there again.
My life isn't quite that extreme, but its damn close.  I've been working since I was fourteen, full time all through college, and at one point in time I was working three jobs and starting my own business at the same time.  I like life a little crazy, the pay off is so much greater then anything you good ever imagine.  There is no person and no dollar amount that can or will ever give you that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that you find you push yourself to what you once thought was the limit.  But my point, thanks to my constant employment I never had to 'worry' about money and I was able to save a little.   It was nice. But then I got tired of that.  I wanted to struggle.  It may sound rediculous, but I wanted to be in the position where I had to make a choice between dinner or a fashion magazine.  I wanted  to skim the bottom so that I could fly to the top.  I believe if you live to moderately for too long you forget how great the highs and lows can be.  And honestly if you want the best things in life you can't just coast through life, playing it safe in the slow lane.

I've decided upon a permanent status in LA. Well at least for another year or so :)

Stay tuned..there more to come about the past month and my new studio/showroom!

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