Tuesday, June 1, 2010

you know you want to...

SEE IT. Okay, maybe you have no desire to fork out fourteen bucks to watch Sex and the City 2 on the big screen.  We all knew it wasn't going to be 'one of the great' movies of the year, but still, its Sex and the City.  Its four girls, one great city, and viva la fashion.  Its not one of those movies thats going to really move you or make you think, duh.  Which is why it was the perfect way to end my day that started with  a 45-min spinning class followed by running errands, and then work.  It wasn't (ahem) great, no better than the first one.  Just more attempted humor with lots of outlandish ridiculousness. They tried to add more humor, which I thought seemed forced with quite a few one-liner, almost cleaver puns from Carrie.  But it was entertaining, and I left feeling inspired from the fun, eccentric wardrobe and I don't know, girl power?!

1 comment:

  1. i agree 120%. haven't seen it yet, but will be soon. who gives a crap if it's film poetry or not? it's the girls. oh...and the manolos. xoxo


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