Friday, July 22, 2011

the working space.

this is.. my desk & design/work station #1 in my studio..
My project of the day..
The back is a little sloppy form some old double stick tape.
 And this what happens when the nails you have on hand are too long for the job.  A little ghetto, but it works.
The front.
and.. TUH DAH!
Finally, a place to hang all my extra chain so I can SEE it. 

Then there is work space #2...
 And work space #3. Its a litttttle chaotic, I know.  I'm constantly picking up after my crazy self, and clearly haven't made it this way yet.
And here's a bunch of random shots :)

 I'm always jotting down random thoughts about my business motto, and well, life in general.


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xo Natasha

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