Sunday, July 11, 2010

passion, instinct, perserverance

Three days on the road, from Los Angeles to somewhere new, and I am feeling inspired by what is around me. 
When something feels right, go with it.  Don't force it, wait for that feeling in your gut.  It's like a soft hug that surrounds your heart, and then this little voice chimes in that says 'I have to do this.'  Maybe its luck, maybe its fate, but I can't say I've ever regretted making the jump, when I felt it was right.  Of course, I don't know the outcome the alternative.  My experiences have put my ambition in overdrive, and I have never felt more inspired.

Something I wrote for a profile a while back, that just seemed appropriate.
I believe strongly in following your gut instinct. I don't want to have any regrets in my life time, and I truly believe that the only regrets life are the risks you don't take. I'm finally at a great point in my life bc for the first time I know what I want to do and accomplish in one degree or another. Following your passions is one of the most important things in life, and it should never just be about the paycheck.  Sometimes you have to make that mistake before you can figure that out.  I have to say as much as I'd love to have a huge house and luxurious materialistic belongings someday in the future; I know I am much happier doing the things I love on a daily basis, just making it by, rather than working some silly 9 to 5 job in front of a computer just because the money is there. That being said, I still have big dreams, even though it will mean working my ass off every step of the way to make them happen.  I am a dreamer, an entrepreneur, I believe in making things happen.  And in the end, I hope I be a part of something that will inspire others to do the same.

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  1. Hey girl hope you had a fun trip! Heather is doing a comedy tour at the end of July. Maybe we can swing by Chi-town on our way back to LA! It'd be cool to see you!



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