Saturday, June 20, 2009

Logo Madness

My head is spinning with ideas for the logo of my upcoming jewelry line.  HOWEVER I can't make up my mind.  I've been feverishly playing with my acrylic paints and black markers in hopes to design the ideal logo.  The roots of my line are basically like this... it's an eclectic combination of elegance and raw metal. Just imagine a tiny bejeweled gypsy rummaging through an old garage filled with weird trinkets, rusty old nuts and bolts, and shiny glass bottles.  Her little fingers hide under masses of chunky dark rings with shiny gems as she nervously twists at one of the many string of pearls that dangle from her neck while exploring through the garage in her fringie moccasins.  My line is a mad clash of art deco, vintage, American Indian, and elegance all shamboed into one glamorous motif.  Okay enough of that.  These are my logo contenders..

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  1. Hello Natasha, I'm hoping that you see my reply. I've been looking at your blog, I see you posted some new pics. Some from our visit. I'll keep checking for the rest of photos. I'm going to bed in a few. Oh, wait your calling me. Well okay youv given me some info on to where i might find the photos. Great, but I will check them out tomorrow, bye for now.


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